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Pimelodella australis Eigenmann, 1917

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Gabriela Eguren Iriarte (1) Felipe Cantera (2) Allan James (2)

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This genus has been in confusion for a good number of years now especially with another close member of the Pimelodidae family, Pimelodus. These notes are the following distinguishing characteristics from the two genus. Pimelodella: Adipose fin long, low with a curved margin. The humeral process is long and spiky. Body usually plain with a dark lateral stripe; rather depressed body. Pimelodus: Adipose fin short, high, with a straight or sloping margin. Humeral process broad, triangular. Body variously patterned, usually quite deep, like Synodontis. Aquarium Care: Treat as you would do with any member of the Pimelodus in that they will be predatory on small fishes in the aquarium and it is also better to keep them in small groups rather than singularly, as this will dilute the aggression. Diet: Will eat any aquarium prepared foods such as tablets, pellets, frozen and live foods. Not fussy eaters.

Common Name:



Pimelodella laticeps australis, Pimelodella garbei




South America: Uruguay River basin, and coastal river drainages from Tubarão River in Santa Catarina to coastal lagoons of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Type locality: Uruguayana [State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil].


10.5cm. (4¼ins)


23-26°C (73-79°F)




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