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Pimelodella cristata (Müller & Troschel, 1849)

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This species occurs in Guyana, Peru and French Guiana and throughout the Amazon basin. It is likely that the species is more widespread, but this is complicated by the current taxonomic debate. Aquarium Care: Treat as you would do with any member of the Pimelodus in that they will be predatory on small fishes in the aquarium and it is also better to keep them in small groups rather than singularly, as this will dilute the aggression. As this is one of the largest species in this genera it would need a large tank to accommodate an adult sized fish of 34cm. S.L. Diet: Will eat any aquarium prepared foods such as tablets, pellets, frozen and live foods. Not fussy eaters. Remarks: Occurs over sand in creeks and rivers. Very voracious. The genital tracts are organized like those of Rhamdia. Eye size changes according to sex.

Common Name:



Pimelodus cristatus




South America: Guyana and French Guiana. Type locality: Takutu und Mahu [Branco River basin, Guyana].


34.0cm. (14½ins)


24-28°C (75-83°F)




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