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Pimelodella pappenheimi Ahl, 1925

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Caio Feltrin (1)

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This species is found in Brazil. It is known from a relatively restricted distribution inhabiting coastal rivers from Itajaí-Açú, Itapocú and Cubatão River basins in Santa Catarina State and Paranaguá River basin in Paraná State. P. pappenheimi is a demersal (living at or near the bottom of the water body) species that inhabits coastal streams and rivers. Reproduction is generally seasonal, and is synchronized with the rainy period. Multiple spawning occurs and reproductive females exhibit burrowing behaviour, to protect the brood from being washed away (Amaral et al. 1998). Aquarium Care: Treat as you would do with any member of the Pimelodus in that they will be predatory on small fishes in the aquarium and it is also better to keep them in small groups rather than singularly, as this will dilute the aggression. Diet: Will eat any aquarium prepared foods such as tablets, pellets, frozen and live foods. Not fussy eaters.

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South America: Itajaí-Açú, Itapocú and Cubatão River basins in Santa Catarina State, and Paranaguá River basin in Paraná State, Brazil. Type locality: Rio Pedro bei Humboldt, Sta Catharina, Brasilien.


15.0cm. (6ins) T.L.


24-28°C (75-83°F)




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