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Noturus stanauli Etnier & Jenkins, 1980

Image contributors to this species:

J. R. Shute (3)

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Relevant Information:

Occurs in moderate to swift gravel runs of clear medium-sized rivers. Cited in the IUCN Red List Status of 2011 as vulnerable. Noturus stanauli is known from only two widely separated localities in the Clinch and Duck rivers of the Tennessee Drainage. A search of the literature and museum records revealed that only about 25 museum specimens existed, and probably fewer than 50 individuals have ever been collected! This is in spite of extensive surveys by many fish folks collecting at both known localities and other nearby sites. Obviously, this is easily one of the rarest fishes in North America! Aquarium Care: The Madtoms are well suited to aquarium life. Provide river gravel and smooth rounded stones for hiding places during the day. A power filter at one end of the tank will provide the conditions of a flowing stream for these catfish. Can be housed with other North American fishes such as minnows, darters and shiners. Diet:They like most meaty food, such as cut-up earth worms, frozen blood worm and prawns. They will also take tablet and pellet foods. A varied diet will keep them in optimum health.

Common Name:

Pygmy madtom






North America: Tennessee River drainage in Tennessee, USA; known only from Clinch River at Frost Ford and Brooks Island in Hancock County and Duck River just above mouth of  Hurricane Creek in Humphreys County.


3.5cm. (1½ins)


05 -23°C (37-73°F)




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