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Brochiloricaria chauliodon Isbrücker, 1979

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Hans-Georg Evers (3)

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This is one of the larger members of the Loricariichthys group and as such should be housed in the largest aquarium available as they do need the space. Aquarium Care: Sand substrate is a must with plants as an option. The aquarium should not be too brightly lit. Cooler temperatures should be catered for as they do come from the more southerly areas of South America (see Distribution). Diet: meaty foods are preferred with frozen foods such as bloodworm and brine shrimp.Breeding: A lip breeder. The male carries the eggs around until they hatch after about 12 days. The fry should be fed with protein rich foods such as Artemia nauplii. Remarks: Probably a catfish for the more experienced Loricariid keepers.

Common Name:







Argentina: La Plata River basin. Type locality: Argentine, Prov. Entre Rios, Isla El Dorado, Paraná Guaza.


28.0cm. (11ins)


20-23°c (68°-73°f.)




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