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Chaetostoma milesi  Fowler, 1941

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Relevant Information:

As pictured in Aqualog Loricariidae all L-Numbers as L187a "Spotted - Chaestostoma". Aquarium Care: Will need a good water flow in the aquarium with a sand substrate and plenty of hiding places. Diet: Great algae eater, but you will have to subsidise this food with algae wafers and vegetable foods such as cucumber, zucchini and lettuce. Will also except tablet and worm foods. Remarks: The Chaetostoma species are not the easiest to maintain as the mountain stream species will need a water current to provide oxygen-rich water. The species that are exported usually originate from warmer waters so are a bit easier to keep than the mountain stream variety. Sexual differences: Males have better colour, a broader head and lips and adult males possess longer ventral fins than the females.

Common Name:

L187a, Spotted Bulldog Pleco


Chaetostomus milesi


Loricariidae ycipitidae


South America: Magdalena and Apuré River basins.


14.0cm. (5½ins)


21-27°c (69-81°f.)




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Aqualog Loricariidae all L-Numbers. A.C.S. Glaser Germany. 100 p.



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