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Farlowella hahni Meinken, 1937

Image contributors to this species:

Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (2) Guillermo Terán (2) Haakon Haagensen (1)

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Relevant Information:

At present F. hahni is not diagnosable from F. oxyrryncha. However, F.hahni is highly disjunct geographically from F. oxyrryncha and has, on average, a higher snoutmouth length to fin lengths; ratio of snoutmouth length to dorsalfin length 1.06-1.36;ratio of snout-mouth length to anal fin length 1.3-1.5. Validity of the species will be tested with the acquisition of large resamples of adults; until that can be done, the species is considered valid. When mature, males have a thicker snout and sports odontodes (hair like appendages), you can run your hand down this and feel if it is a male as females do not carry this trait, and also their snout is somewhat slimmer. Although growing large this is an inoffensive fish and as such, robust tank mates should be avoided. Aquarium Care: Water parameters will need to be at the highest quality to keep this catfish in good health. Diet: Feed vegetable food such as algae, cucumber, courgette (zucchini), spinach, lettuce and peas but will also eat other foods in the aquarium. Remarks: The type specimens of F. hahni were destroyed in World WarI (Isbriicker 1978).

 Common Name:

Twig Catfish






South America : Middle Paraná River basin, Argentina and Paraguay. Type locality: Río Paranà, ca. 2 km east of Ayolas, 27º24'S, 56º46'W, Misiones Dept., Paraguay.


20.0cm (8ins)


24-26°c (75-79°f.)




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