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Hemiodontichthys acipenserinus (Kner, 1853)

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Relevant information:

Lives on sandy bottom where it feeds on worms and micro-crustaceans. Mature males develop a huge labial veil and teeth with spoon-shaped crow (versus pointed ones in females and juveniles). Unlike most Loricariidae, they don't have well developed odontodes on the snout and pectoral fins. Aquarium Care: It is stated that this species grows smaller in the confines of an aquarium. Provide a sand substrate. Best to have this species as the only bottom dweller as they will find it difficult to compete for food with other fish Keep the aquarium clean as they are prone to bacterial infections if the tank is not well looked after. Breeding: During reproduction, the males bear a cluster of eggs fixed to their lips, which they provide with ventilation during movement. About one week after hatching, the alevins leave their parent's protection.

Common Name:

Knob nosed Whiptail Catfish


Hemiodon acipenserinus




South America: Amazon, Essequibo, Oyapock, and Paraguay River basins . Type locality: Rio Guaporé, Matogrosso (Juquia), Brazil.


13.5cm. (5¼ins)


24-28°c (75-83°f.)




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