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Hypostomus gymnorhynchus (Norman, 1926)

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Karsten Schönherr (4) Raphael Covain (1)

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There is very little to choose between this species and Hypostomus surinamensis and in 2012 Weber et al. declared H. surinamensis as a synonym of H. gymnorhynchus. This has not been excepted in some quarters. Dark spots adorn this species and get somewhat smaller in the head. The tips of the caudal fins extensions are black. The Hypostomus genus has 7 rays to the dorsal fin whereas the similar looking Pterygoplichthys species have 10 dorsal fin rays. Aquarium Care: As with most of this genus, will do well in a larger aquarium, although this is one of the smaller species in the genera, and the aquarium well filtered. Water parameters can be quite diverse for this genera. Diet: Omnivore with a liking for green, tablet and frozen foods.

Common Name:



Plecostomus gymnorhynchus, H. surinamensis, H. occidentalis, H. tapanahoniensis.




South America : Guianan coastal drainages, from Oyapock westward to the Maroni basin, French Guiana. Type Locality: Iponcin Creek, into Approuague River, French Guiana.


17.0cm. (6¾ins)


24-28°c (75-83°f.)




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