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Hypostomus hemiurus (Eigenmann, 1912)

Image contributors to this species:

Nathan Lujan (1) 

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Relevant Information:

The Hypostomus genus has 7 rays to the dorsal fin whereas the similar looking Pterygoplichthys species have 10 dorsal fin rays. Aquarium Care: As with most of this genus, will do well in a larger aquarium, although this is one of the smaller species in the genera, and the aquarium well filtered. Water parameters can be quite diverse for this genera. Diet: Omnivore with a liking for green, tablet and frozen foods. Remarks: the image contributor captured this species in the Upper Ireng River, Guyana.

Common Name:



Plecostomus hemiurus


Loricariidae ycipitidae


South America : Coastal drainages of Guyana. Type Locality: Amatuk [Potaro River], British Guiana.


20.0cm. (8ins)


23-29°c (73-85°f.)




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