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Hypostomus luteus (Godoy, 1980)

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Relevant Information:

They are a very variable species, colour wise and as they they get older they can change colour into adulthood, especially the yellowing in the fins. Aquarium Care: Will need a good sized aquarium of 5ft (150cm.) or over due to their final adult size. As this genus in the main are messy eaters, good water quality and filtration would need to be adhered to. A lower water temperature is advised for this species. Diet: Will eat all manner of foods in the aquarium, vegetable, tablet, pellet foods and good quality flake.

Common Name:



Plecostomus luteus




Brazil: upper Uruguay River basin. Type locality: Rio Pelotas, Volta Grande 2, Marcelino Ramos, RS Brazil. The Holotype is in the personal collection of M.Godoy.


35cm. (14ins)


18-24°c (63-75°f.)




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