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Hypostomus plecostomoides (Eigenmann, 1922)

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Relevant Information:

Placed in the Hypostoumus cochliodon species group which have a shorter body and more high backed than other members of the Hypostomus. They have a small number of spatulate teeth with a single cusp with the jaws arranged in a V shape. Aquarium Care: A fairly peacfull species which will give out a lot of waste in the aquarium so frequent water changes are a must. Fairly easy to keep in a larger tank over 4ft (120cm). Diet: Wood eaters so would need soft wood in the aquarium. Food tablets, pellets and vegetable foods are also taken along with insect larvae. Remarks: Listed in the Aqualog all L-Numbers publication supplement of October 1997 as LDA038 from Venezuela and also February 1998 as LDA042 captioned under Cochliodon sp. 'Mimikri' with no capture locality. There are light and dark colour varients of this species. Cochliodon is now regarded as a synonym of Hypostomus.

Common Name:

LDA038, LDA042


Cochliodon plecostomoides




South Am,erica: Orinoco River basin and Tuy River and Valencia Lake basins of Venezuela. Type locality: Quebrada Cramalote, Villavicencio, Colombia.


25cm. (10ins)


24-29°c (75-85°f.)




Seidel, I. 2008. Back to Nature guide to L-catfishes, Ettlingen, Germany 208 p
Aqualog Loricariidae all L-Numbers. A.C.S. Glaser Germany. 100 p.



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