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Lasiancistrus schomburgkii (Gunther, 1864)

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Nathan Lujan (3)

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Aquarium Care: Relatively easy to keep but large males may tend to be territorial. Sexual Differences: Males have longer pectoral fins and have a heavier growth of odontodes behind the gill covers and on the edges of the snout. Diet: Omnivore. Pretty similar to the Ancistrus genera with a vegetable diet. Will also take tablets/wafers, fine live and frozen foods. Remarks: This species occurs in the Caquetá River basin, in the upper Japurá River drainage, Colombia. A recent taxonomic revision has increased its distribution significantly to include much of the Amazon basin.

Common Name:



Hypostomus pictus, Chaetostomus schomburgkii, Hemiancistrus castelnaui, Ancistrus multispinis, Hemiancistrus caquetae, Lasiancistrus scolymus, Lasiancistrus guapore.




South America: throughout much of the Amazon basin and the upper Orinoco and Essequibo River basins. Type locality: l’Ucayale [Peru]


14.5cm. S.L. (5¾ins)


25-29°c (77-85°f.)




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