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Loricariichthys hauxwelli Fowler, 1915

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Karsten Schönherr (2)

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Lives in rivers and streams with clear and white waters, permanent pools, sand, submerged leaf litter, logs, gravel. It feeds on periphyton, aquatic invertebrates, organic material. In this genera, which is not seen very often in the hobby, the upper lips are small and the edges slightly frayed. In sexually active males the lips are transformed into large dermal lobes which are used to hold the eggs after spawning. This species is unique in that the males hold on to the eggs for 11 days. Aquarium Care: Keep on a sandy substrate with branchwork. Reasonably easy to keep wirh regular good husbandry. Diet: Omnivore: Dry foods, algae wafers, Spirulina and normal tablet foods. Frozen foods, Artemia nauplii, glass worms and Daphnia. Remarks: This species occurs in the Amazon river basin in Peru (Ortega et al. 2012). Its type locality is the "Ambyiacu River, Ecuador" (Fowler 1915), although this is erroneous as the Ampiyacu River is in Peru (Isbrucker and Nijssen 1976). It only lives at altitudes between 100 and 300 m asl. The species occurs within Reserva Nacional Ambiyacu-Ampillacu.

Common Name:







South America: Ampyiacu River basin. Type locality: Ambyiacu River, Ecuador.


18.0cm. (7ins)


25-29°c (75-85°f.)




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