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Peckoltia braueri (Eigenmann, 1912)

Image contributors to this species:

Allan Sim (2) Danny Blundell (2) Charles Gibbons (1) Yann Fulliquet (8) Nick Ridout (4)

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Relevant Information:

Dorsal spines (total): 2 - 2; Dorsal soft rays (total): 7 - 7; Anal spines: 1; Anal soft rays: 4. Distinguished from all other species of Peckoltia except P. cavatica by having an orange band in the dorsal fin and by having thin, wavy, black lines that tend to outline the plates and bones of the head. Differs from P. cavatica by having the dorsal saddles better developed, by having the head plates and bones completely outlined in black and with lines intense, by having black vermiculations on the pterotic-supracleithrum, by having at least one, broken band in the caudal fin, and by having the marginal orange band of the dorsal and caudal fins not as thick or as intense as in P. cavatica. Inhabits swift riffles among very large boulders. The Peckoltia genera possesses a medium sized mouth with the same amount of teeth in the lower and upper jaw. The lower end of the caudal fin is usually oblique and only slightly indented. Aquarium care: Should be kept at slightly higher temperatures and have a requirement for a higher oxygen intake. Peacfull inhabitants of an aquarium. Sexual differences: Males have bristles behind the gill covers, on the pectoral fin spines and on the posterior part of the body. They also posses bristles on the upper caudal fin rays. Diet: Omnivores, easy to feed with frozen and live foods and also tablet and flake food.

Common Name:

Worm Line Peckoltia, L121, L305, L135






Brazil;  Guyana: Takutu River downstream of Lethem


15.0cm. (6ins)


23-26°c (73-79°f.)




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