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Peckoltia pankimpuju Lujan & Chamon, 2008

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Robin Warne (2) Yann Fulliquet (2) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (3)

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Relevant Information:

As of the latest paper by Armbruster et al. (2015) this species has now been moved into the Peckoltia genus. A deep river channel species which accounts for the lack of an iris operculum. The deeper they reside the less pigmentation on the body. The tiny eyes and the long caudal fin filaments are characteristic of this species. Was first published in the magazine DATZ in December 1992 as Ancistrinae sp and the L-number 350. Diet: Omnivore; Vegetarian food, tablets & pellets, insect larvae, zooplankton and soft wood. Remarks: as of February 2015 this species is still listed as Hemiancistrus pankimpuju on Fishbase but has been updated to Peckoltia on the Catalog of Fishes.

Common Name:

L350, Peruvian Lyre-tail pleco, Coal pleco


Hemiancistrus pankimpuju




South America: Marion River drainage, upper Amazon River, Peru. Type Lovality: Río Marañon, Pongo de Manseriche above Borjam 35.5 kilometers northeast of Juan Velasco (Santa Maria de Nieva), 4°27'38''S, 77°34'53''W, Departamento Amazonas, Peru.


40cm. (16ins)


23-27°c (73-81°f.)




Lujan, NK and CC Chamon (2008) Two new species of Loricariidae (Teleostei: Siluriformes) from main channels of the upper and middle Amazon Basin, with discussion of deep water specialization in loricariids. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 19: 271–282.
Seidel, I. 2008. Back to Nature guide to L-catfishes, Ettlingen, Germany 208 p
Armbruster, Jonathan W., David C. Werneke & Milton Tan. 2015 Three new species of saddled loricariid catfishes, and a review of Hemiancistrus, Peckoltia, and allied genera (Siluriformes). ZooKeys 480: 97-123.



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