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Planiloricaria cryptodon (Isbrücker, 1971)

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Allan James (2) Peru Aquarium Group (1) Daniel Blom (1) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (3) Haakon Haagensen (2)

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Relevant Information:

This species is monotypic. The eyes are small situated on the top of the head and has a disk shaped head. The dorsal and caudal fins possess a long filament to the first ray. Aquarium Care: Not a species for the novice fishkeeper as they are notoriously slow to acclimatize to aquarium conditions. A large spacious tank is recommended with a good filtration system in place. Once they are settled they will appear in the open in the twilight hours. Sand is recommended for the bottom as they do like to dig themselves into the substrate. Diet: Mosquito larvae, tablet and frozen foods.

Common Name:

Spoon Face Whiptail


Pseudohemiodon cryptodon




South America: Ucayali, Purus, and Mamoré River basins, Upper Amazon drainage. Type locality: Peru: Río Ucayali near Pucallpa.


35cm. (14ins)


22-28°c (71-83°f.)




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