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Pterygoplichthys sp. "Gold"

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Vedran Cuncic (2)

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All Catfish Species Inventory

Relevant Information:

Could be a gold variety of P. gibbiceps as it doesn't appear to be albino. The Pterygoplichthys genera have about 12-14 soft rays in the dorsal fin and can be identified against the Hypostomus genus which has around 8 dorsal fin rays. Aquarium Care: Reasonably peaceful if large species which will need a good sized aquarium starting of with a 3 footer when small with good external filtration to facilitate a good oxygen content, as it excretes copious amounts of waste if fed properly on vegetable matter. If the water quality is not adhered to, small holes can appear in the fin membranes. You will notice when your water quality is not up to the mark as they "hang" in the water just of their fins, from the substrate, which means 'get that water change done'. It is kind to plants in the aquarium, the only problem is when it gets bigger and can uproot them in its conquest around the tank. Diet: They are mostly vegetarian with algae being their number one source of food but to keep a large fish fed on algae alone is impossible so you can feed also, spinach, blanched lettuce, cucumber, courgette (zucchini) and also non veg food such as tablets and prawns. 

Common Name:

Gold Pleco








25cm. (9¾ins)


23-26°c (73-79°f.)





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