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Rineloricaria stewarti (Eigenmann 1909)

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Allan James (1) Raphail Covain (1)

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Lives in forest creeks where the water is clear and fast moving with medium sunny conditions, shallow depth (10-60 cm) and sandy-rocky substrate along with Corydoras guianensis, Moenkhausia oligolepis and Phenacogaster cf. megalostictus. Mature males develop some odontodes on each side of the head as well as some odontodes elongated towards the back of the interorbitals. There are two undescrbed Rineloricaria species that occur in Suriname, one species is known from the Corantijn and Nickerie rivers and the second species is known from the Marowijne River (R. Covain). This species can still be found under Hemiloricaria stewarti. Issbrücker (Issbrücker in Issbrücker et al, 2001) declared the synonymity of Rineloricaria and Hemiloricaria as no longer valid, and the latter again as an independent genus. The differences between the two genera are based on the positions of the males bristles and the top caudal filament on adult Hemiloricaria which is absent on Rinelolricaria. Aquarium Care: Habitat in the wild is forest creeks with moderate current, sandy bottom and clear water. Diet: Omnivore. Vegetable food such as cucumber and other various foods such as tablet, flake and frozen.

Common Name:



Loricaria stewarti, Hemiloricaria stewarti




South America: Coastal rivers of the Guianas and upper Branco River basin: French Guiana, Guyana and Suriname. Type locality: Chipoo Creek, a tributary of the Ireng [Guyana].


10cm. (4ins)


25-28°c (77-83°f.)




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