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Sturisomatichthys leightoni  (Regan, 1912)

Image contributors to this species:

Paul Turley (2) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (2)

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Relevant Information:

Aquarium Care: Peaceful species which likes a spacious aquarium with cooler water temperatures of between 20-24°c (67-75°f.) and clean, soft and slightly acidic water. Sexual differences: The males develop pronounced tufts of odontodes on either side of the head and the first dorsal ray and the upper and lower caudal fin rays are elongated. Breeding: see article here. Diet: Spinach, peas, algae disks, tablet foods and sunken flake foods.

Common Name:

Dwarf Royal Twig Catfish


Sturisoma leightoni, Loricaria leightoni, Oxyloricaria leightoni


Loricariidae ycipitidae


Colombia: Upper Magdalena and Cauca River basins, Colombia. Type locality: Honda, Colombia, 300–400 ft.


15cm. (6ins)


20-24°c (67-75°f.)




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ScotCat Article: Turley, Paul E; Keeping and Breeding Sturisomatichthys leightoni, the Dwarf Royal Farlowella



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