Nematogenys inermis (Guichenot, 1848)

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Contains only this single genus, Nematogenys, which contains a single species, N. inermis. The genus is endemic to some rivers in Chile. The common name for this species is "Mountain Catfish". Previously in the Trichomycteridae family and is very rare in the aquatic hobby. There was a fossil which was found and described from the Miocene, continental fluviolacustrine deposits of the upper Cura–Mallín Formation (37–39°S), Chile (Azpelicueta & Rubilar, 1997). This species was named as Nematogenys cuivi. Remarks: N. inermis has no adipose fin and and the caudal fin is short and rounded. There is not much information on keeping this species in the aquarium.

Common Name:

Mountain Catfish


Trichomycterus inermis, Nematogenys nigricans, Nematogenys pallidus




South America: Isolated localities in Concepción, Rancagua and Angol, Chile. Formerly widespread throughout much of Central Chile. Type locality: Chile.


24cm (9¾ins)


18-24°C (63-75°F)




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