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Platystomatichthys sturio (Kner, 1858)

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Allan James (2) Peru Aquarium Group (1) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (2) Enrico Richter (1)

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Relevant Information:

The slight upturned snout of this 'pim' makes it possible for it to find the finest food organisms in the substrate. It is reported that some imported specimens are half starved and need tender loving care to recover. The upturned snout can also be damaged on import. The predorsal plates and the nucal are united and branched off. Dorsal fin with 1-6 radios; pectoral 1-8 pelics 6; anal 13 and caudal 18. Aquarium care: Can be kept together or singly but will be predatory to smaller fishes especially as they grow larger. Provide a soft substrate such as sand as they will dig and root and will need a powerful external filter. The tank must be twice the length, in width, of the barbels on this species, so it can turn around with no obstruction. A 4ft tank should be the minimum length. Diet: Tubifex, small earthworms, tablet and pellet foods.

Common Name:

Sturgeon catfish


Platystoma sturio 




South America: Amazon basin. Type locality: Rio branco, Brazil.


30cm. SL. (12ins) 40cm TL ( 16ins)


21-25°C (69-77°F)




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