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Steindachneridion scriptum (Miranda Ribeiro, 1918)

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Evandro Carlos Wollmann (1)

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Steindachneridion scriptum differs from its congeners by having the combination of the following characters: supraoccipital process distant from anterior nuchal plate by length of one orbital diameter; premaxillary tooth plates united and with groove medially, slightly curved and sharp in distal region; vomer with single and oval shaped tooth plate; and 15 to 17 gill rakers on first branchial arch. Head depth shorter than head width (64.2 to 86.2%); and head width 21.1 to 26.0% of SL. Orbit small 21.2 to 31.7% of interorbital distance and 7.3 to 10.1% of HL; mouth large, its width 38.7 to 47.2% of HL. Lips thin, maxillary barbel long, surpassing pectoral fin tip and reaching vertical through dorsal-fin insertion. Ground colour displaying body light grayish, abdomen whitish, with elongated or striated black blotches and dark dots irregularly scattered on head, trunk, rays and membrane fins. Caudal peduncle depth 32.0 to 41.5% of head length; caudal fin deeply notched; upper lobe larger than lower; both tips slightly rounded.

Common Name:



Steindachneria scripta, Steindachneridion scripta




Brazil: upper rio Paraná, and rio Uruguay basins. Type Locality: Itaqui [Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil]


80cm. (31ins)


22-27°C (71-81°F)




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