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Zungaro jahu (Ihering, 1898)

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Julio Endler (2)

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Zungaro jahu and Z. zungaro are the two valid species of the genus Zungaro. The Amazonian species, Z. zungaro, is listed as "overexploited or endangered by overexploitation" in Brazil (MMA, 2004). Jau (Z. jahu) is listed as being vulnerable in two Brazilian states, ie, Minas Gerais and Paraná (Machado et al, 1998;. & Mikich Bérnils, 2004). The Minas Gerais List Has been recently revised, but has not yet been published. Jau will be listed as critically endangered in the new Minas Gerais list. Remarks: Zungaro jahu (Ihering, 1898), is endemic to the rivers that form the La Plata River basin (in Paraná river, Paraguay and Uruguay River), occurring in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay (Lundberg & Littmann, 2003 ; Zaniboni Filho & Schulz, 2003). Jau is one of the largest Neotropical catfishes and may reach a weight of up to 150 kg (Ihering, 1929). It is a main stem migratory species (Agostinho et al., 2003, Resende, 2003), but its migratory movements are poorly known. Jau Reaches maturity at 70 cm (total length) and spawns from December to February in the upper Paraná River (Agostinho et al., 2003). Jau is nocturnal and piscivorous, and adults prefer deeper habitats in large rivers (Augustine et al. 2003; Resende, 2003). It is an important commercial and sport fish, and substantial commercial landings still Occur in long, free-flowing river stretches (Matthew et al., 2004). However, jaú Has Been overexploited in Paraguay River and Parana River (Augustine et al. 2003; Resende, 2003). Also, it has Practically disappeared in the southern part of its distribution area (Quirós, 1993). It used to be abundant in the Rio Grande (Azevedo, 1965), but now Occurs in only a few places (Godinho, 1998). In addition to the fragile conservation status of jaú, its biology and ecology are poorly known (Augustine et al. 2003; Resende, 2003).

Common Name:

Jau, Manguruyu


Paulicea jahu




South America: Paraná-Paraguay River basin. Type locality: Sao Paulo [Brazil].


140cm. (4ft 8ins)


20-24°C (67-75°F)




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