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Neosilurus pseudospinosus Allen & Feinberg, 1998

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Dave Wilson (2)

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Inhabits pools and flowing streams, swimming close to rocky or sandy substrate. Widespread in rivers and creeks of the Kimberley region and prefer habitat of variable-sized rocky pools, usually with slow to relatively swift-flowing water. The species is grey to black above and whitish on the belly. Remarks: The Falsespine Catfish has an elongate body with a tall first dorsal fin. The second dorsal fin and anal fin are continuous with the caudal fin. There is a flexible cartilaginous spine at the front of the first dorsal fin and pectoral fins. The species is grey to black above and whitish on the belly.

Common Name:

False-spined catfish






Oceania: Ord River, Western Australia. Type locality: Rocky pool of Ord R. on Old Lissadel Station, Kimberley Dist., Western Australia, ca. 16º40'S, 128º83'E.


35cm. (14ins)


22-28°C (71-83°F)




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