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Plotosidae = ( ploh TOE sid dee )

Not a well known catfish family as the majority reside in Australia and New Guinea.

Common name for the 30 or so species in this family are the "eel-tailed catfishes" due to the continuation of the caudal and anal fin around the body. The most common species is the marine or "coral cat", Plotosus lineatus, but the vast majority are endemic to freshwater.

amiidae @ amiidae.com
Oloplotosus mariae, Oloplotosus mariae
Plotosus papuensis, Plotosus papuensis
Danny Blundel @ The Danny Blundell Photo Gallery
Plotosus lineatus, Plotosus lineatus, Plotosus lineatus
Julian Dignal @ Planet Catfish
Neosilurus ater, Neosilurus ater
Barrie Gill
Tandanus tandanus
Andrew Hall
Neosilurus hyrtlii, Neosilurus hyrtlii, Neosilurus hyrtlii
Jean-Francois Helias @ Fishing Adventures Thailand
Plotosus canius, Plotosus canius, Plotosus canius
Meredith Gallanty
Porochilus rendahli
Frants Lehmann (Stamps)
Plotosus lineatus, Plotosus lineatus
Allan James @ ScotCat
Neosilurus brevidorsalis, Neosilurus brevidorsalis, Neosilurus brevidorsalis
Tandanus tandanus
Johnny Jensen's  Photographic Library
Neosilurus ater, Neosilurus ater, Neosilurus ater
Neosilurus brevidorsalis, Neosilurus brevidorsalis
Plotosus canius
Plotosus lineatus, Plotosus lineatus
Porochilus rendahli, Porochilus rendahli, Porochilus rendahli, Porochilus rendahli
Mecodsout @ Fishnet.com.au
Tandanus tandanus
Randall, J.E., 1997. Randall's tank photos. Collection of 10,000 large-format photos (slides) of dead fishes. Unpublished.
Plotosus nkunga
Gareth Roocroft @ Fish the Sea
Plotosus nkunga, Plotosus nkunga
Jian Ruilong

Neosilurus ater

The Fishes of Taiwan
Plotosus lineatus
Charles Thoms
Tandanus tandanus
Peter J. Unmack @ Australian Desert Fishes Pages
Neosiluroides cooperensis, Neosiluroides cooperensis
Neosilurus hyrtlii
Neosilurus sp.1
Porochilus argenteus
Dave Wilson @ Aquagreen.com/au
Anodontiglanis dahli
Neosilurus ater
Neosilurus pseudospinosus, Neosilurus pseudospinosus
Porochilus obbesi, Porochilus obbesi
Porochilus rendahli, Porochilus rendahli, Porochilus rendahli 


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