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Microglanis iheringi Gomes, 1946

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Allan James (2) Ian Fuller (1) Jim Makin (1) Chris Ralph (2) Daniel Blom (1)

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Relevant Information:

Aquarium Care: Microglanis iheringi is one of twenty six, small to medium sized pims, found in this family, and as such is a good addition to the medium sized community tank, and will not harm the occupants unless they are small enough to fit into its mouth such as newly born fry and young fish. If you keep livebearers such as Guppies and Platies in with them you will very rarely be overrun with fry as the Bumblebee Catfish will promptly finish them off on its night time prowls. Hiding places such as rockwork, plants and or wood will benefit this species and help, along with regular water changes, to keep this "Bumblebee Catfish" happy in its surroundings. Diet: Can be fed a varied diet of tablet food, pellets, worm foods and frozen food such as bloodworm.

Common Name:

South American Bumblebee catfish






South America: Turmero River basin, Venezuela. Type locality: Río Turmero, Aragua, Venezuela.


8.5cm. (3½ins)


21 -25°C (69-77°F)




ScotCat Factsheet no. 94. April 2004.



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