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Pareutropius longifilis (Steindachner, 1914)

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Aquarium Care: You will need to purchase at least 6 of this species as they are a schooling fish and need their own company. If you only buy one or two they will hide and waste away, but apart from that they are easy to keep and seem to live for a considerable length of time if given a spacious tank with a good water current and the undertaking of water changes when needed. As with the rest of the genus it swims with its tail down in a tank with dither fish like small characins or barbs. Diet: Live or frozen bloodworms, Daphnia and mosquito larvae. Will take its food from midwater and is not keen on eating from the substrate.

Common Name:



Eutropius longifilis, Eutropiellus longifilis, Paretropius micristius




Africa: eastward flowing rivers north of the Ruvuma, Lake Chiuta, Ruvuma system, Lake Chilwa. Type locality: Deutsch-Ostafrika [Kiperege].


9.0cm. (3½ins)


23-27°C (73-81°F)




Baensch, H.A. and R. Riehl 1995 Aquarien Atlas. Band 4. Mergus Verlag GmbH, Verlag für Natur- und Heimtierkunde, Melle, Germany. 864 p.



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