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Ompok eugeneiatus (Vaillant, 1893)

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Relevant Information:

The Catalog of fishes has this species classed as Kryptopterus eugeneiatus due to this name being used in the Checklist of catfishes by Ferraris 2007. Aquarium Care: Like most glass catfishes they will do better in a group. Keep alongside non aggressive species as they will sulk and not eat if they are harassed. Clear well filtered oxygen rich water is a must for this species for its successful keeping. As they are schooling fish they would have to be housed in a tank that was over 5'0" (150cm) long. Diet: Live and frozen foods are taken and will graduate to flake once they are settled in to aquarium life. Adults will take smaller fish in the aquarium.

Common Name:

Borneo Glass Catfish


Callichrous eugeneiatus, Silurodes eugeneiatus 




Asia: Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Known from the river systems of Peninsular Thailand, Chao Phraya and Mekong


15cm. (6ins)


20-24°C (67-75°F)




Ferraris, C.J. Jr., 2007. Checklist of catfishes, recent and fossil (Osteichthyes: Siluriformes), and catalogue of siluriform primary types. Zootaxa 1418:1-628.
Baensch, H.A. and R. Riehl, 1985, Aquarien atlas. Band 2.. Mergus, Verlag für Natur-und Heimtierkunde GmbH, Melle, Germany. 1216 p.



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