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Ompok pabda (Hamilton, 1822)

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Balaram Mahalder (1) Frants Lehmann (1)

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Relevant Information:

Elongated and compressed body. Mouth large and oblique. Teeth in villiform bands on the jaws. Maxillary barbels extends slightly below the posterior border of the eyes. Mandibular pair very short, almost equal to one eye diameter. Anal long, inserted well behind the dorsal fin with 66-71 branched rays. Pectoral spine serrated on its inner edge. Caudal deeply forked. Colour: Silvery-grey with a faint shoulder spot. Body cloudy all over with black dots. Remarks: This species was listed as an endangered species in the Red List of IUCN Bangladesh (2000) due to loss of habitats and over-exploitation. Inhabits clear as well as muddy rivers, streams, ponds and lakes.

Common Name:

Pabo Catfish.


Silurus pabda, Silurus (Callichrus) vittatus




Asia: Brahmaputra and Ganges River basins, India and Bangladesh; Pakistan. Type locality: ponds and rivers of Bengal.


25cm.SL (10ns)


21-27°C (69-81F)




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Rahman, Ataur; Chowdhury, W. Gawsia; Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh. Vol.23. Freshwater Fishes. Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. 300p



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