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Gagata sexualis Tilak, 1970

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Allan James (1)

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Dorsal spines (total): 1; Dorsal soft rays (total): 6; Vertebrae: 36 - 38. Filamentous extension of dorsal-fin spine in males, reaching to adipose-fin base. Mouth located at level of anterior margin fo orbit. Snout bluntly rounded in lateral profile without notch anteriorly. Upper jaw toothless; lower jaw with single row of teeth. Anal fin with 4-5 simple rays, 12-14 branched rays, posterior 2 rays very close together. Aquarium Care: This is a peaceful species which would be better kept in a group of about 6 specimens with plenty of swimming space. Provide good filtration and aeration. Provide a sand substrate with plants as an option. Diet: Live, frozen and tablet foods.

Common Name:



Gagata youssoufi




Asia: Ganges and Brahmaputra River basins. Type locality: North Koel River at Daltonganj (Chotanagpur), South Bihar, India.


5cm. (2ins)


23-26°c (73-79°f.)




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