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Glyptothorax lonah (Sykes, 1839)

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Nikhil Sood (2)

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This species is threatened in parts of its range by sedimentation, dynamiting, poisoning, pollution (from agricultural run off) and organic pollution. It occurs in small mountain stream cascades and riffles. Colour: Grayish above and dirty white below. A white streak is evident along the lateral line and the bases of the fins have dark patches in their distal portions. Remarks: differs from G. annandalei in having a broader caudal peduncle, longer pectoral fins and a more depressed body.

Common Name:

Mountain Catfish


Bagrus lonah, Glyptosternum dekkanense




Asia: Deccan, Godavari and Krishna River basins, India. Type locality: Deccan, India.


12.0cm. SL (4¾ins)


18-24°c (63-75°f.)




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