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Glyptothorax telchitta (Hamilton, 1822)

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Beta Mahatvaraj (7)

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Dorsal spines (total): 1 - 1; Vertebrae: 34 – 36. Distinguished from its congeners, except Glyptothorax botius, in northeast India in having a combination of large, prominent tubercles on the head and body, a thoracic adhesive apparatus without a median depression, and a very slender body and caudal peduncle (sometimes described as spindle shaped). Glyptothorax botius differs from G. telchitta in having a more triangular snout when viewed laterally, the absence of dark saddles on the body, a thoracic adhesive apparatus with narrower folds of skin, a shorter adipose-fin base (9.5-11.5% SL vs. 12.0- 16.4) and a deeper caudal peduncle (4.7-5.9% SL vs. 3.1-4.2). Description: Dorsal fin with I,5,i, or I,6 rays; Anal fin with iv,8, iv,9, iv,9,i, iv,10 or iv,11,i rays; pectoral fin with  I,7,i, I,8 or I,8,i rays; pelvic fin with i,5 rays. Colour: Darkish brown above and sides, dirty yellow below; head, sides and fins mottled with dark spots; fins excepting caudal and adipose with spotted bands. Habitat: Lives mainly in hill streams. This specimen was collected from the Bhagirathi (Ganga) at Chakdah, Nadia Dist, West Bengal.

Common Name:



Glyptosternum telchitta, Glyptothorax telchitta telchitta, Pimelodus telchitta




Asia: Ganges drainage, India. Type locality: Hooghly River at Kalna, 23°13’30.0”N, 88°22’39.0”E.


8cm. SL (3¼ins)


18-24°c (63-75°f.)




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