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Vandellia sanguinea Eigenmann, 1917

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Danté Fenolio (2)  

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The Vandellia genera are hematophagous (consume blood) parasites, and like all other members of the subfamily Vandelliinae. V. sanguinea uses visual and chemo-sensory orientation to find potential hosts. It is active both during the daytime and night time while foraging. Aquarium Care: Not easy to keep and would need to be housed on their own as larger fish would be preyed upon for their blood in the gill chambers. Sand is the best substrate for digging themselves into and floating plants to cut the light down for this light sensitive species. Diet: Very difficult as all reports seem to intimate that they need larger fish to feed on.

Common Name:







South America: Amazon, Orinoco and Essequibo River basins. Type locality: San Antonio de Rio Madeira.


8.5cm (3½ins)






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