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Amphiliidae Amphiliidae = ( am fill EE id dee ) 

Commonly known as "Loach Catfishes"or "African Whiptails" due to the resemblance that some of them have to the whiptails of the South American Loricariidae family. Not too well known to aquarists as they are only sporadically exported. A little harder to keep than their South American companions. They do like moving water hence their other common name of "African hill stream fishes".   

Hippocampus Bildarchiv
Amphilius atesuensis, Amphilius atesuensis, Amphilius atesuensis, Amphilius atesuensis
Amphilius platychir, Amphilius platychir
Belonoglanis brieni, Belonoglanis brieni
Belonoglanis tenuis, Belonoglanis tenuis, Belonoglanis tenuis, Belonoglanis tenuis, Belonoglanis tenuis
Phractura ansorgii, Phractura ansorgii   
Zaireichthys wamiensis
Andrew Deacon
Amphilius uranoscopus
Yann Fulliquet
Doumea typica, Doumea typica
Hans van Heusden
Amphilius cryptobullatus
Amphilius uranoscopus
Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library
Amphilius platychir, Amphilius platychir, Amphilius platychir
Birger Kamprath
Belonoglanis brieni,  Belonoglanis brieni     
Trachyglanis ineac, Trachyglanis ineac  
Serge Mevellec
Phractura ansorgii
Karsten Mody
Amphilius atesuensis, Amphilius atesuensis 















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