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Ariidae = ( air EE id dee )

This family contains catfish from marine and freshwater habitats. A few practice an unusual mode of reproduction of mouthbrooding. Not popular catfishes for the home aquarium as some grow too big and boisterous with a rather dull silver colouration, but a few of the smaller varieties can be kept with larger tankmates. Most will need salt added to their water
as they grow larger.

Carlarius gigas, Carlarius gigas
Carlarius heudelotii
Danny Blundel @ The Danny Blundell Photo Gallery
Sciades proops, Sciades proops, Sciades proops, Sciades proops, Sciades proops
Julian Dignall @ PlanetCatfish
Neoarius graeffei
Carla Isobel Elliff
Aspistor luniscutis
Bagre bagre
Ketengus typus, Ketengus typus
Alfredo Carvalho Filho
Aspistor luniscutis, Aspistor luniscutis
Cecile de Souza Gama 
Sciades herzbergii
Jackie Goulder
Aspistor quadriscutis, Aspistor quadriscutis
Peru Aquarium Group
Sciades seemani
Andrew Hall
Neoarius berneyi, Neoarius berneyi
Henk Heessen @ World Register of Marine Species
Carlarius heudelotii, Carlarius heudelotii, Carlarius heudelotii
Jean-Francois Helias @ Fishing Adventures Thailand
Arius maculatus, Arius maculatus
Nemapteryx nenga, Nemapteryx nenga, Nemapteryx nenga
Cryptarius truncatus, Cryptarius truncatus, Cryptarius truncatus, Cryptarius truncatus, Cryptarius truncatus
Nemapteryx caelata, Nemapteryx caelata, Nemapteryx caelata
Netuma thalassina, Netuma thalassina
Allan James @ ScotCat
Sciades felis (stamp)
Arius maculatus, Arius maculatus
Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library
Arius latiscutatus, Arius latiscutatus
Arius maculatus  
Bagre marinus
Cephalocassis borneensis
Cephalocassis jatia
Nemapteryx nenga, Nemapteryx nenga
Neoarius berneyi
Neoarius graeffei
Sciades felis, Sciades felis
Sciades seemanni,  Sciades seemanni
Jeppe Kolding @ University of Bergen
Bagre bagre
Frants Lehmann (Stamps)
Bill McBurnie
Jian Ruilong
Hemiarius stormii, Hemiarius stormii
Sciades parkeri
Paul A. Scharf

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