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Ketengus typus Bleeker 1846

Image contributors to this species:

Worawich Prasittiphat (1) FAO (2)

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Relevant Information:

Only one species recorded. Found in the lower parts of rivers in either fresh or brackish waters. Occurs in coastal waters from Thailand to Indonesia and westward to the Andaman Islands. Feeds on invertebrates and small fishes. Caught with trawls, seines, and traps. Remarks: Teeth absent from roof of mouth with the mouth opening wide, extending far beyond eye.

Common Name:

Bigmouth sea catfish


Pimelodus pectinidens




Asia: Eastern Bay of Bengal and Malay Peninsula; in nearshore coastal waters, estuaries, and lower reaches of rivers (Kailola, 1999). Type locality: Banjermassing, in fluviis


25cm. (10ins)






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