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Neoarius midgleyi (Kailola & Pierce, 1988)

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Dave Wilson (3)

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The Australian species of the Ariidae family have been revised andplaced in a new genus, Neoarius. "Neo" meaning new in Latin.Anal soft rays: 16 – 19; Vertebrae: 55 – 57. Eye size 12.9-21.8% HL. Because of its similarity to A. paucus, the remaining diagnosis refers to both A. midgleyi and A. paucus: a sleek body; strong jaws; jaws upturned slightly at symphyses, mouth broad; snout truncate in profile; head oblong, its width averaging 66% HL. Supraoccipital process narrow with parallel margins. Numerous fine, sharp teeth on palate in transverse band of  four oblong groups. No rakers on posterior aspect of gill arches. Barbels thin and short, rarely reaching beyond pectoral fin base and less than 25% SL . Inhabits in lakes, billabongs, rivers and to a lesser extent brackish estuaries and the tidal portion of rivers.  Found in clear or turbid fresh water reservoirs and waterholes. Feeds mainly on fishes, prawns and crayfish. Various arthropods are also consumed. Breeds early in the wet  season, sometimes extending into the late wet (November to March). Eggs are incubated orally by the male for 5-6 weeks; brooding males form groups in deeper water. Juveniles grow quickly, attaining 20-30 centimeters by the end of the first year, and sexual maturity is reached after 3 years. An excellent eating fish, rapidly growing in popularity. This one is not as common as some of the other salmon tailed catfishes but does grow very large. There are plenty in lake Argyle WA and the WA Gov changed the name to Silver Cobbler to sell the flesh in the Perth Fish Markets.

Common Name:

Silver Cobbler


Arius midgleyi




Oceania: Northern Australia. Victoria River, Northern Territory.


140cm SL. (4ft-8ins)


23-25°C (73-77°F)


7.0 -8.5


Dave [email protected]/
Froese, R. and D. Pauly. Editors. 2008.FishBase. World Wide Web electronic publication. www.fishbase.org, version (11/2008).



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