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Aspredinichthys tibicen (Valenciennes, 1840)

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Found in coastal brackish (mangroves) waters and coastal rivers in South America from Venezuela to Brazil including the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. This species practices an unusual method of incubation of the eggs, attaching them to the underside of the female who then carries them around. Female develops spongy tentacles on her belly during the breeding season and incubates her eggs by carrying them about attached to these tentacles. This species is of minor importance in commercial fisheries and is also seen in the aquarium trade. Aquarium Care: Not seen very often in the hobby, but the requirements for keeping this species would need to include some addition of salt in the water. Remarks: Lives in brackish water on river estuaries, mainly in shallow water on muddy bottom substrates. Gets its common name of Tenbarbled Banjo due to the 9-10 pairs of mental and postmental barbels.

Common Name:

Tenbarbed Banjo


Aspredo tibicen




Central and South America: Lower portions of rivers and in coastal waters of northern South America from Venezuela to northern Brazil. Type locality: Surinam.


21.0cm. (8¼ins)


22-24°C (71-75°f.)




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