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Pterobunocephalus depressus (Haseman, 1911)

Image contributors to this species:

Nathan Lujan (3) Gareth Savage (1)

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Relevant Information:

Pterobunocephalus is genus of small to medium sized aspredinid species. Members of this genus are distinguished from all other aspredinids by the following characters, having an extremely depressed (flattened) head and body, having the head ornamentation highly reduced or absent, often having a distinct notch in the upper jaw, and having 10–20 anal fin rays. Females of this genus carry embryos directly attached to the ventral surface of their bodies, which also distinguishes them from all other aspredinids.

Common Name:



Bunocephalus depressus, Bunocephalus albifasciatus




South America: Amazon, Orinoco and Paraguay River basins. Type locality: Todos Santos, Bolivia.


9.0cm. (3½ins)


25-28°c (77-83°f.)


6.0 -8.0.


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