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Ageneiosus militaris Valenciennes, 1835

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Julio Endler (1) Sara Sverlij (1)

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Relevant Information:

Ageneiosus militaris lives in rivers, eating fish and microcrustaceans. Breeding: They do not have parental care and fertilization is internal. In the breeding season males have ossified chins, modifications in the spine of the dorsal fin and previous anal fin rays form the gonopodium. (Da Graça and) Pavanelli, 2007). Location: In the Paraná River one finds it in spring, summer and early fall.

Common Name:



Ageneiosus valenciennesi, Ageniosus militaris, Silurus imberbis, Silurus trigintaoctoradiatus, Ageneiosus uruguayensis, Ageneiosus marquesi




South America: La Plata River basin: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.


30.0cm. (12ins)


22-24°c (71-75°f.)




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