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Auchenipterus nigripinnis (Boulenger, 1895)

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Relevant Information:

The genus Auchenipterus is closely related to and is similar to, Epapterus and Pseudepapterus. Distinguished from all species except A. brachyurus by the following combination of characters: anal fin origin posterior to the middle of the body; and caudal fin without terminal band, but with a chevron-shaped dark mask near base of each lobe. Aquarium Care: Good community catfish with normal sized patrons but not to be trusted with small Tetras for instance, which will be picked of at night on its twilight patrols. Diet: Can be fed most aquarium fare such as good quality flake, white worm, tablet and pellet foods and frozen foods such as bloodworm. Better to feed at lights out until they get accustomed to the daytime feeding regime when they may very well join in. Remarks: This species will not be seen too often in the hobby. Can be kept in lower temperatures due to its southern habitat.

Common Name:

Paraguay Shark-cat


Euanemus nigripinnis, Auchenipterus paysanduanus   




South America: La Plata River basin. Known only from the Rio de La Plata drainage. In the Rio Paraná, the species has been recorded above the junction of the Rio Paraguay. Type locality: Paraguay.


20.5cm. (8ins)


18-24°c (63-75°f.)




Ferraris, C.J. Jr., 2007. Checklist of catfishes, recent and fossil (Osteichthyes: Siluriformes), and catalogue of siluriform primary types. Zootaxa 1418:1-628.
Ferraris, C.J. Jr., 1999. The South American catfish genus Auchenipterus Valenciennes, 1840 (Ostariophysi: Siluriformes: Auchenipteridae) : monopoly and relationships, with a revisionary study. Zoological Journal. Vol. 126, Part 4, 1999.



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