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Tocantinsia piresi (Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920)

Image contributors to this species:

Jian Ruilong (2) Mark Sabaj Pérez (2) 

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Relevant Information:

Tocantinsia piresi in the only member of this genera and is found in the Rio Tocantins where it gets its genus name from. Misleading reports in some aquatic literature and the internet as being of a small size but this is quite a large Auchenipterid, so tankmates would need to be chosen carefully. Remarks: The last two thumbnail images were captured by Mark Sabaj Pérez and he explains here:- "Tocantinsia_piresi_ANSP195482_t2500 measures 38 cm standard length and is from Rio Xingu (middle Volta Grande), off left bank, ca. 54 km southeast of Altamira. This species is a dweller of large river channels with juveniles found at great depths during the low water season."

Common Name:



Glanidium piresi, Tocantinsia depressa




South America : Upper Tocantins River basin in Brazil. Type locality: Rio São Manoel, Mato Grosso, Brazil.


38.5cm. (15¼ins)


21-24°c (69-75°f.)




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Mark Sabaj Pérez: pers comm.



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