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Trachelyopterus peloichthys (Schultz 1944)

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Mark Henry Sabaj (1)

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Diurnal species found in turbid and somewhat deep waters of rivers and swamps and marshes. Usually found amongst submerged tree trunks. Carnivore. Aquarium Care: As with most species in this family they need hiding places such as pipes/caves where they will reside most of the day. Will come out at night to prowl so smaller fishes will be looked upon as prey. Diet: Most prepared foods such as tablet and pellet and frozen foods such as bloodworm. If the aquarium is dimly lit you can see the it coming out to feed.

Common Name:



Trachycorystes insignis peloichthys




South America: Maracaibo River basin, Venezuela and Colombia. Type locality: Río Agua Caliente, 2 to 3 km above Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.


18cm. (7ins)


22-25°c (71-77°f.)




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