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Trachycorystes trachycorystes (Valenciennes, 1840)

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Allan James (2) amiidae (1) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (2) Haakon Haagensen (2)

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Relevant Information:

Aquarium Care: So good they named it twice! well I don't think so as this is one of the most aggressive catfish around in the hobby and definitely not suited to your average community tank, although It is certainly very striking looking in its all-black livery. There is another type which has a more brown body colouration and may turn out to be a separate species. Not to be trusted when growing into adulthood as it will quickly kill any smaller inhabitants of the tank. May be able to keep with large Cichlids but basically a fish to keep on its own. Sexual Differences: Adult males possess a thickening of their anal fins akin to the anal fins of the males of the Goodiae family of livebearers. The females genital pore is enlarged and recessed into her abdomen. Diet: A predator but will accept worm foods, frozen shrimp and bloodworm, chunks of frozen fish, tablet and pellet foods.

Common Name:

Black Driftwood Catfish


Auchenipterus trachycorystes, Trachycorystes typus




South America: Amazon River basin, Essequibo River basin, Guyana, and Orinoco River basin, Venezuela. Type locality: Brazil.


35cm. (14ins)


23-27°c (73-81°f.)


6.5 -7.0.


ScotCat Factsheet no. 156. June 2009.



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