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Batasio tengana (Hamilton, 1822)

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The specimen pictured was collected in Torsa River near Cooch Behar town in West Bengal. Batasio species are small, laterally compressed bagrid catfishes generally found in fast-flowing hill streams throughout South Asia, Myanmar, the Salween and Mae Khlong drainages of Thailand and the northern Malay Peninsula. They are diagnosed (together with Chandramara) from other members of the Bagridae in possessing large sensory pores on the head, a narrow mental region, the transversely elongated, bar-like entopterygoid, and the close contact of the metapterygoid with the quadrate (Mo, 1991). Batasio is distinguished from Chandramara by the absence (vs. presence) of a pair of prominent posterior processes on the anterior part of the vomer. Differs from all other species in body having four or five saddle shaped oblique bands. Close to B. batasio but differs as above.

Common Name:



Bagrus tengana, Gagata tengana, Macrones tengana, Pimelodus tengana




Asia: India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand.  


7cm SL ( 2¾ins)


24-27°C (75-81°F)




Heok Hee Ng and Maurice Kottelat 2007. Batasio feruminatus, a new species of bagrid catfish from Myanmar (Siluriformes: Bagridae), with notes on the identity of B. affinis and B. fluviatilis.
K.C. Jayaram. 2006, Catfishes of India. Narendera Publishing House. 383p.



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