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Aspidoras sp. (C125)

Image contributors to this species:

Allan James (1) Adrian Taylor (2)

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Relevant Information:

The exact locality in Brazil is not known at the present time (Jan. 2005). Similar to A. spilotus. There is also an albino variety of this species. The differences are noted here between the Aspidoras and Corydoras genera. Eye: very small in Aspidoras small in Corydoras. Body shape: smaller size and body shape in Aspidoras compared to the much more bulkier Corydoras. Head: smaller head shape in Aspidoras compared with Corydoras. Aspidoras posses a duel fontanel bone structure in skull whereas Corydoras have only the one larger fontanel. Aquarium Care: With all of this genus they are best kept in groups of six or more and are best housed with small fishes that are not aggressive. Provide a planted area in the tank for cover and include a soft substrate such as sand or small rounded gravel. Diet: Flake, tablet foods, small live and frozen foods. Remarks: Many species of Aspidoras are difficult to tell apart unless there is catchment information available.

Common Name:







South America: Brazil


4. 0cm (1½ins)


22-25°C (71-77°F)




ScotCat Article: Article no.48: The Genus Aspidoras



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