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Aspidoras mephisto Tencatt, Bichuette 2017

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Aspidoras mephisto is described from the Anésio III and Russão II cave system, upper Tocantins River basin, Goiás, Brazil. The species can be readily distinguished from its congeners by troglomorphic features and also by presenting the following combination of features: infraorbital 1 generally with well-developed ventral laminar; or moderately developed; poorly-developed serrations on posterior margin of pectoral spine; nuchal plate not externally visible; dorsal fin, even in conspicuously coloured specimens, with only dark brown or black chromatophores concentrated on rays, forming spots in some specimens; membranes hyaline; or sparse dark brown or black chromatophores on membranes, not forming any conspicuous pattern; and inner laminar expansion of infraorbital 1 moderately developed. This newly discovered species (2017) lives in caves making it the first cave dwelling member of the Corydoradinae found. Aspidoras posses a duel fontanel bone structure in the skull whereas Corydoras have only the one larger fontanel. Aquarium Care: best kept in groups of six or more and are best housed with small fishes that are not aggressive. Although no plants occur in their habitat you can still provide a planted area in the tank for cover and include a soft substrate such as sand or small rounded gravel with coral sand added if in a soft water area. Diet: Flake, tablet foods, small live and frozen foods. Remarks: as this species lives in a cave system which is formed by limestone rock a higher pH above neutral would be best.

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South America: Brazil, known only from the Anésio-Russão cave system (Anésio III and Russão II caves), part of the upper rio Tocantins basin.


Male: 5.0cm (2ins) Female: 5.5cm (2¼ins)


22-25°C (71-77°F)




Tencatt LFC, Bichuette ME (2017) Aspidoras mephisto, new species: The first troglobitic Callichthyidae (Teleostei: Siluriformes) from South America. PLoS ONE 12(3): e0171309. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0171309



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