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Helogenes marmoratus Günther, 1863

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Billy Grant (1) Mark Sabaj Pérez (2) Yann Fulliquet (2) Allan James (1)

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A typical inhabitant of black or clear waters, usually in forest streams with moderate to swift current flow over firm sand or gravel bottoms. Lives hidden under plants, litter or plant debris. Can easily be mistaken as a piece of dead wood when it rests on its side, motionless on the bottom. Often swims on one side in undulating movements. Feeds mainly on terrestrial insects, particularly ants. Nocturnal. Aquarium Care: Peaceful with conspecifics and other tank mates if they are not too small to be eaten. Tank should have plenty of hiding places and plants as they will hide in them during the day. Prefers slow water currents in the aquarium. Diet: Small live foods such as insect larvae and small worms. May take flake and tablet foods just before turning the tank lights off.

Common Name:

Dwarf Wood Cat


Helogenes amazonae, Helogenes unidorsalis




South America: Atlantic drainages of Guianas, upper Orinoco and Negro systems and upper Amazon River basin. Madre de Dios region, Peru. Type locality: Essequibo River, Guiana.


7.5cm. (3ins)


22-26°c (71-79°f )




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