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Clarias jaensis Boulenger, 1909

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A member of the subgenus Platycephaloides (Teugels 1986). Dorsal spines (total): 0; Dorsal soft rays (total): 70-86; Anal soft rays: 54 - 71; Vertebrae: 58 - 65. Colour pattern usually uniform; occasionally a marbled pattern consisting of various dark brown spots on a light-brown background. Head long, broad and pointed in dorsal outline. The dermosphenotic and the supraorbital bones are joined in an early phase of ontogeny. Frontal fontanelle `sole-shaped'. Tooth plates broad. Suprabranchial organ well developed although not completely filling the chamber.

Common Name:



Clarias cameronensis, Clarias hollyi, Clarias (Clarioides) aboinensis




Africa: Southeast Nigeria, South Cameroon and Gabon. Type locality: Ja River at Bitye, South Cameroon.


40.0cm. (14ins)


23-28C (73-83F)




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